Irina Shayk: Shares Photo Of Her Enviable Body, Rumors About Bradley Cooper And Her Engagement!

Irina Shayk recently turned 30 and she certainly gave her fans a reason to cheer on the occasion. The Sports Illustrated model shared a photo of herself in skimpy red bikini that showed off her enviable body. She captioned the photo bringing in the new year and it sure was one that caught the attention of the whole world.

She herself gushed about how good her body looks. She said that she had never believed that she would look like this or have such a great body when she reached the age of 30, but she did and she was happy about it. She thanked everyone for their birthday wishes and gifts.

Irina Shayk has given an interview to People Magazine, where she spoke about the secret of her figure. She said that she is just born with good genes and she thanks her family for it. In spite of having good genes, Irina Shayk did confess to the fact that she does work out a lot to make sure that she looks like she does.

Shayk confessed that she does kick boxing and jiu jitsu and is completely obsessed with the latter. She said that she has a great trainer for jiu jitsu and loves how it works out the whole body. She advised fans informing them that if they want a good figure then they will have to find a balance between eating and working out.

She said that she doesn’t believe in starving one’s self for a good figure and said that she has always been one who enjoyed eating. She grew up in a household where her grandmother would make the best pancakes and dumplings and would always gorge on that. However, she knows how to work out properly to get that out of her body.

It is now obvious why the whole world in suddenly envious of Bradley Cooper. The Hangover star is already known for his good looks and the boys already had a reason to be jealous of him, but now that he is in a serious relationship with the Russian supermodel, he has garnered some more envy from all the men.

Irina Shayk had been dating footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for the past two years and had broken up earlier in 2015. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk started getting close and they began a new relationship sometime around March and April.

While many believed that Irina Shayk was just in it as a rebound and that she was after the fame and popularity that Bradley Cooper enjoyed, the relationship is beginning to stand the test of time.

Reports suggested that Bradley Cooper was warned of Irina Shayk being after his money, but Irina Shayk has been known to say that she intends to end up marrying Bradley Cooper since he is the only man she has ever known who makes her feel like he does.

There were rumors that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have gotten engaged around New Year, but this isn’t true. Hollywood Take has reported that the two of them did spend their time together.

The rumor about the two getting serious came out when Irina Shayk put her two-bedroom condo in Greenwich Village in New York for sale because she wanted to move in to London where Cooper is currently living as he is performing the Elephant Man in the Broadway.