The Big Bang Theory Season 9: Sheldon Left Out Of Vegas Trip, Penny Blames Sheldon For Her Stress, Stuart’s Night-Time Visit!

The popular series The Big Bang Theory is special because of the nuances of each of the characters, but one character that is most popular is that of Sheldon, played to perfection by Jim Parson. The Big Bang Theory Season 9 was turning out to be a good one for Sheldon fans because it saw Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik) finally taking their relationship to the next season by engaging in coitus.

Sheldon had another cute incident in his name. It was the moment when he and Raj discover and asteroid and they decide to name it Amy. Spoiler ahead, for those who haven’t yet found out about this incident. Sheldon promises to name one of his children Rajesh in return for his help in discovering the asteroid and naming it after his girlfriend.

However, things don’t turn out that well for Sheldon in the upcoming episode. According to International Business Times, Sheldon will be left back by his friends while they leave for a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Howard (Simon Helberg), Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Emily (Laura Spencer) decide to board on a party bus and head to Las Vegas for a week.

The three couples don’t want to take Sheldon along with them since he always seems to spoil the fun and moreover, he has an acute bout of cold. Sheldon gets a wisp of the fact that all his friends are planning on leaving him back and heading out to Las Vegas and in episode 13 of The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Sheldon makes it his mission to ask for forgiveness from his friends in the hope that they will ask him to accompany them.

Sheldon is an eccentric character who is full of quirky idiosyncrasies and he also seems to be causing some problem in the marriage between Penny and Leonard. In episode 12 where Penny sends Leonard to the therapist Dr. Gallo (Jane Kaczmarek) in order to help her sell her medications as the pharmaceutical rep, the two end up sitting for a session of marriage counselling.

Dr. Gallo make them realize that there a lot of issues in their marriage and informs Penny that she is a patient of stress. She also informs, much to the amusement of Leonard and the fans that the two of them don’t seem to have the relationship of a husband and wife, but Penny is a mother figure to Leonard.

Penny agrees that she suffers from stress and much of it is caused by Leonard’s friend and house-mate, Sheldon. She blames many problems between her and Leonard to Sheldon and says that she isn’t only a mother to Leonard, but they also have a man-child to support, referring to Sheldon.

Dr. Gallo ends up mentioning the fact that Leonard has spoken a lot about Sheldon, but she didn’t think that he was for real!While this might not be a happy moment for the fans of Sheldon, they do have something to look forward to in The Big Bang Theory Season 9.

It has been confirmed that Sheldon’s Meemaw, or his maternal grandmother, who he absolutely adores, is going to finally be brought into the show. Meemaw has constantly been referred to by Sheldon who adores and loves her.