Repair Man Fixed And Posters Added With New Patch for the Sims 4, Patch Brings Loads of Fixes for PC Users!

Players will find a few repairs, a few new additions along with a few changes added by the first patch of Sims 4 in order to show the way in which Sims behave. Eight new movie posters and changes have been added by the small but highly welcome patch for The Sims 4. It changes the way in which Sims react when neighbors do something inappropriate.

Meanwhile, a few needed fixes have been introduced for the repairman character. Moreover, a player will not be able to upload anything to the Gallery that has been created by another user. The brief patch notes from the latest update of The Sims 4 can be found in

The full list includes all the major changes along with a few other changes which players might be interested in. For example, there will be a few changes witnessed by players regarding the way in which Sims reacts to certain situations. When a Sim acts inappropriately inside another Sims’s home, the host Sim might ask him to leave.

Meanwhile, another change came in the form of a behavioral change which changes the way in which Sims react when a fight breaks out. A Sims’s friend will cheer for him during a fight and in case they are defeated, a nemesis Sim might cheer.

There are 8 new wall decorations through which you can add to the décor. In the Build Catalog, you will find movie posters for Its Amber, Stay Weirder, Cow Plant Love, Cop and Llama, Malpractice, Epic Wood, Sul Sul, and Still Life. Besides that, a few issues have also been addressed.

If the player switches active households when the repair was in progress, the repair service will become unavailable. The repair service is not available if it was not repairing. As a result, the service will not charge you for not repairing anything, when you attempted to get hold of the repair service, in order to service your repairs.

Now this looks rather complex, but you’ll get the hang of it. The new décor was released to Sims 4 after the release of Movie Hangout Stuff Pack.

In the new pack, you get to see the Movie Projector Screen along with the Popcorn Popper through which Sims can react. In this upcoming pack, it is all about having the perfect movie night with great snacks, luxurious furniture along with a giant screen.

According to The Inquisitr, the new pack will release on 12th January and will cost $9.99. Sims should also be able to get to the children on the jungle gym now. The DJ booth should be successfully upgraded without the upgrades parts being stolen in case it fails for some reason.

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts is helping people know about their new expansion pack, named Get Together, for their latest game in the Sims franchise.

Through a post on the official site, a lot of developers shared their work involving their creations in the feature called ‘Clubs’. It comes with interesting and quirky elements through which a social place can be made really unique in nature.

There is a club which has been named ‘The Noble Bears’. It involves loving the outdoor trait; various activities which include being friendly to everyone while also being flirty with Avant Gardes, bear costume and also hangout in the park.

Meanwhile, there is a BlicBlock Heroes which needs video game skill of 2+ activities like playing video games but not arcade machines. You can hangout anywhere and the outfit is club jacket and club hat. Also, Order of the Llama is a secret club which comes with a reaper gown as outfit and viewing art is an activity.