The Big Bang Theory Season 9: Sheldon Left Out Of Vegas Trip, Penny Blames Sheldon For Her Stress, Stuart’s Night-Time Visit!

According to Christian Post, Sheldon’s Meemaw’s role will be portrayed by Jane Squibb. Jane Squibb is an Academy Award winning actress and because of this the details of the character had been kept under wrap.

It is being informed that Meemaw is going to appear next month on The Big Bang Theory Season 9. This is going to be a major moment for the fans of the series because they can almost anticipate their interaction.

This is not where the fun ends. The Big Bang Theory Season 9 episode 13 will see Stuart (Kevin Sussman) moving out of Howard and Bernadette’s house. The couple had been trying to make this happen for a very long time and while they are initially ecstatic about the comic book owner moving out of their home, they miss him once he does that and wonder why he hasn’t called them.

While the couples wonder about this, they will soon be meeting Stuart, when he visits them while they are sleeping. Stuart has always been one with a stalker and the fans will get to see another glimpse of it.

Stuart seems to have a hard time getting a girlfriend and the writers bring in this angle to show the viewers a reason for why he hadn’t ended up with a girl after all these years whereas the geeks all managed to get into serious relationships.

The upcoming episodes of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 is set to be rather fun. Share your thoughts on them and leave behind your comments.