The Fosters: Callie Becoming A Normal Teenager, AJ’s Back Story Dealt With, Stef And Lena Open Up To Each Other And The Kids, More Details!

Lena has always been the emotional one and knowing her, Stef asks Sharon to have the power of attorney. Stef also warsn Sharon that while she has the power, it doesn’t mean that she gets to shut Lena up. Stef and Lena come out to share and pour out their emotion to each other. Lena has been very emotional lately, while Stef understands that, she doesn’t let her wife wollow away in tears.

With the two finally being honest about their feelings, they feel that the time is right for them to share news about the disease with their kids. The Fosters had been building on to this moment since the time Stef got her DCIS diagnosis and it is finally here.

The Fosters has always been brilliant when it comes to handling emotional moments and this is repeated yet again. The episode doesn’t focus on Stef and Lena telling the kids about cancer and the operation. The moment cuts to the five kids, sitting stunned after listening to the news.

Mariana and Callie immediately look for mastectomy on the internet after Stef and Lena have a talk with the kids and the latter gets intimate one last time before the operation. These put into focus what is important in life.

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