Megan Fox: Reads Jimmy Kimmel’s Palm, Rumors Link Her to New Girl Co-Star Damon Wayans Jr.!

Megan Fox had made a lot of news when she was cast in New Girl. Initially it was reported that Megan Fox would be replacing New Girl Star Zooey Deschanel as she went on a maternity leave to give birth to her daughter with Jacob Pechenik.

Zooey Deschanel has made quite a name for herself with the hit television series and fans had been shocked to hear the Megan Fox would be joining in place of her.

While Megan Fox’s character Reagan takes up Deschanel’s Jesse’s room in the hit sitcom, she is in no way a replacement for the actress. Megan Fox plays the role of a medical representative who has come in to stay in Jesse’s room that the boys lease out when she leaves for jury duty.

The fans of New Girl had threatened that they would boycott the show and never go back to watching in until Zooey Deschanel was back. Max Greenfield, who plays the role of Schmidt in the popular series had gone on record to say that fans are going to love Megan Fox’s Reagan.

Max Greenfield who is known for his hilarious portrayal of Schmidt has said that Megan Fox is a natural when it comes to comedy. She has impeccable comic timing and sometimes it used to get difficult controlling their laughter when she would be delivering her dialogues on set.

Liz Merriweather, the executive producer of New Girl has said that they had always thought of casting Megan Fox in a role for New Girl, but they hadn’t ever found one for her. The team was initially a little skeptical of casting the actress in a comedy, but once they saw the kind of comic timing the actress had, they cast aside all their doubts.

Merriweather has gone on record to state that Zooey Deschanel hasn’t been replaced from New Girls. She is on a maternity leave and will be back, if not for the end of Season 5, then surely for Season 6.

According to Parent Herald, the fans of New Girl Season 5 have started to love Megan Fox as Reagan. Reagan is going to have a romantic angle with Nick (Jake Johnson) on the set and this had indicated that she will become a series regular and will continue being a part of the series even after Zooey Deschanel is going to be back from her maternity leave.

While Megan Fox’s character is set to have an off screen romance with, she looks like she is starting to get something going on with New Girl actor Damon Wayans Jr. Wayans plays the role of Coach in New Girl Season 5 and he and Megan Fox supposedly connected instantly when they met on set.

Hollywood Gossip reported that the connection was instant. The two of them have a lot of things in common when it comes to their children. Megan Fox has two kids from ex-husband Brain Austin Green while Damon Wayans Jr. has two kids from Aja Metroyer.

Damon Wayans Jr. would regularly be bringing Megan Fox breakfast. He would get her juice and muffin to her trailer and they would hang out whenever each of them had a break in between shots.

It looks like this seems to be nothing but a rumor since Gossip Cop has reported that Megan Fox’s representative have denied all the reports with Damon Wayans Jr., stating that Megan Fox has never met him on the sets forget sharing a muffin with him.