The Fosters: Callie Becoming A Normal Teenager, AJ’s Back Story Dealt With, Stef And Lena Open Up To Each Other And The Kids, More Details!

The Fosters Season 3 is going to Callie become more of a normal teenager. She had been doing some great work with regard to her app and now has gotten another great opportunity. As part of the foster care symposium, she has been invited to White House.

Callie is very excited about it and goes to Rita to tell her the good news. According to Entertainment Today, Rita is very happy to see how well her former foster care child is doing and encourages Callie to go for the stars.

However, it doesn’t look like Callie will be able to go to Washington for the bid day after all. She has made it a point that she will go forward with the opportunity only if her parents Lena and Stef are perfectly onboard with it and that seems to be a bit of a problem.

Lena and Stef are still a little shaken up with the Justina issue that Callie had been embroiled in and since it is Justina who made the reform bill that has given Callie such an opportunity, they are not very sure about how safe the whole idea is.

Rita learns of this from Callie and tries to make her understand that whatever Stef and Lena are doing, they are doing it for her good. While Callie understand it, she is very frank in stating that she finds her parents very annoying.

Rita finds this statement from Callie very amusing and laughs out at the fact that she is finally becoming a normal girl, to which Callie adds a shut up, to add to her character of the teenager.

While things are shaping positively for Callie, it isn’t the same for AJ. In the past few episodes of The Fosters Season 3, AJ’s back story has been dealt with and it shows how sad his life is. The viewers find out that it was AJ’s brother who had been responsible for the accident and he hasn’t yet been able to come clean about it. Lena, Stef and everyone else had tried to help him confess to it, but he is still struggling with the truth and isn’t being able to come to terms with it.

The sneak peek for the upcoming episode in The Fosters shows that AJ apologizes and his fear more or less rests on the fact that he always felt that his brother would leave him and go away and he would never be able to see him again.

It is good for AJ that he is living with people who are very forgiving and they will jump to help him out of a situation. They know for a fact that AJ is a very sensitive person and is very caring, but circumstance always gets the better of him.

Callie is having a problem with AJ. He refuses to talk to Callie and considers her to be responsible for his brother being in prison. AJ doesn’t seem to understand that the only motif that Callie had was to make sure that AJ is safe.

Stef is getting ready for her double mastectomy and she has been very vocal and honest about how the surgery is going to affect all their lives. Stef is getting all her affairs sorted before she gets down for the surgery. This might not be a very positive way to head to surgery, but Stef is always very practical and rational and it is the way to go when is going to get under the knife.