PlayStation 5: Likely to Come with VR Support, Rumored to Feature SSD Instead of HDD!

A number of rumors regarding Sony’s PlayStation 5 are doing rounds on the internet for quite some time now. However, specific details regarding the next-gen console are scarce at the moment.

Sony has been tight lipped about the device but in a recent interview, Paul Ross, who has been a part of the Need for Speed games development team in the past stated that players will have a much more realistic gaming experience on the PlayStation 5.

It was previously reported that Sony was building PlayStation 5 in such a way that its abilities will not remain limited to being a mere gaming console. Instead it will act as a streaming device. Rumors also suggest that the device will be VR compatible and will come with the support for 4K graphics.

The streaming ability of the device will enable gamers to live stream their favorite games from their PCs to their televisions. Live streaming will also allow gamers to stream games online without having to download them.

A renowned website reports that the Sony might launch two variations of the PlayStation 5. Apparently, the two variations will come with different hardware configurations. While one will come with an in-built disk drive, the other will come without it. The disk drive will come with the support for 4K Ultra Blu-Ray content.

The site also reported that if indeed Sony decides to go for a two-model PlayStation 5, it will be quite some time before the company releases it. Lisa Cu, the CEO of AMD recently stated that there will be opportunities for both Sony and Microsoft to reduce costs with their next-gen gaming consoles.

The PlayStation 5 will reportedly have a compact appearance which will make sure that it can be easily carried from one place to another. The traditional HDD found in Sony’s gaming consoles might be replaced by the SSD. The SSD is more advanced in every way compared to the HDD and thus it will ensure that the device runs faster and quieter.

An open-source OS might be featured on the device which will allow for easy development of apps and games for it.  The device might come with a special feature which can be used to integrate it with the social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

It might also feature an enhanced and more user friendly PlayStation Store which will make browsing through it easier and hassle free. It will come with the feature of backward compatibility that will allow games of older models of PlayStation to run on it.

Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios recently stated that the company will give freedom to the developers to design the upcoming device as per their choice. He added that if the game creators feel that more advanced consoles are needed to run games, Sony would definitely build the PlayStation 5. It would allow the developers to materialize their ideas and vision.

Latest reports suggest that Sony is on the lookout for developers to work on the next iteration of PlayStation. Apparently, the company has placed an ad which states that it is looking for a new developer. It stated that there is an exciting opportunity to work at the Sony Computer Entertainment of America (PlayStation).

The ad elaborated that Sony was on the lookout for a senior game programmer who could work in collaboration with the company to develop a game which would be used for Research and Development purpose for the PlayStation 5. It asked eligible candidates to apply after going through the job profile attacked with the ad.

The fact that PlayStation 5 will be a streaming device was stressed upon by Ben Wilson, the Editor of PlayStation Magazine. He stated that Steam on PC has worked towards reducing the need for disc drives in recent times.