PlayStation 5: Likely to Come with VR Support, Rumored to Feature SSD Instead of HDD!

However, he also added that the CDs and DVDs won’t become obsolete just now. He pointed out that there are still a number of people who prefer physical drives over digital downloads. These people will ensure that the concept of CDs and DVDs associated with the world of gaming lives on.

Some other rumors associated with the PlayStation 5 suggest that it might come with the feature of wireless charging. It will feature lesser amount of updates and might come with a lower price tag compared to its predecessor.

No specific release date of the device is available at the moment, however, it is being assumed that it won’t be rolled out by Sony before 2020.

A number of rumors are floating around regarding the next iteration of GTA game from the house of Rockstar. The next GTA game which is GTA 6 will reportedly be released for PlayStation 5. Not only will it be compatible with Sony’s PlayStation 5, it will also come with the support for Microsoft’s Xbox Two.

If indeed the game is released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, it will be the first game to be launched for the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. However, the claim has not yet been confirmed by any official sources.

Stay tuned for more update on PlayStation 5.