The Flash: Zoom’s Identity Revealed, Barry and The Others Shaken Up After Visit to Earth 2!

This journey makes Barry rethink his decision to go back in the past and try to save his mother. He realizes the huge impact it had on his life and those of the people around him. He wanted to travel back in time and rewrite history and make another life for himself. However, that didn’t come to good use and all it brought in was more misery and sorrow.

The Flash has a tough situation at hand. King Shark (David Hayer) is back this season and he is out to achieve only one motif and that is to kill Flash (Grant Gustin). The shark man is a humanoid who has a shark head with a set of razor teeth. For the fans of the series it was a breath of fresh air amidst all the misery that the characters were going through after their journey to Earth 2.

King Shark is the last of the villains from Earth 2 who have been sent to finish Flash once and for all. He is one of the craziest villain in the comic book and it is treat for the fans to see him being brought to life so brilliantly on the television. King Shark serves a distraction for Barry and the others while at the same time revealing how Earth 2 is continuing to torment and terrorize the city in Earth 1.

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