Jared Leto: Gifts Dead Pigs and Live Rats, Plays Joker in A Fashion Different from The Previous Portrayal!

Jared Leto is known to be an actor who gets into the skin of the character that he is playing. He is known for his brilliant performance in Fight Club and Dallas Buyers’ Club. It is thus, no surprise that he would do the same for his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad. The Joker is believed to be one of the most difficult roles to portray and the actor has to get into the psyche of the character to perfect it.

Jared Leto has hit the bull’s eye when it comes to perfecting his role as the Joker. The actor has colored his hair green and has gotten tattoos all over his body. Has gotten golden plates over his teeth and has also started behaving in the eccentric manner while interacting people on a day to day basis, so much so that he has been scaring people at the sets.

Viola Davis, who plays the role of the role of the master mind behind the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller, opened up about how Jared Leto scared her on the first day of the rehearsal. Viola Davis told in an interview that they were all sitting for the rehearsal when Jared Leto made his henchman come in and dropped a dead pig on the table and walk of.

Viola Davis confessed that she had been terrified at that moment, but she was quick to realize how Jared Leto was already in the skin of the character in the very first day and this helped her take charge and get into the skin of Amanda Waller.

This was not all, Jared Leto has remained in the skin of Joker and scared the cast and crew members on numerous occasions. He had once gifted Margot Robbie, who plays the role of his love, Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad with a lived rat. Margot Robbie had screamed in the first instance when she had opened the box to discover the rat, but she happily accepted the gift and took it back home.

Jared Leto is credited with helping the whole cast and crew be in the perfect frame of mind before the shoot since he would never leave the role of the Joker. He was so terrifying as the Joker that Suicide Squad director David Ayer confessed to being scared of him sometimes.

David Ayer has revealed that he had put in a lot of research to make sure that the role of the Joker was perfect since he has been a die-hard fan of the villain ever since he was a young boy. He owed it to himself that he created a Joker that would satisfy the comic book lovers as well as blow their mind off by the way he is portrayed on screen.

Jared Leto has already created quite a buzz with his portrayal of the Joker. The trailer hadn’t given him much screen space, but fans are hopeful that this is intentional on the part of DC Comics since they want the hype around Joker to remain until the film is released in August.

Jared Leto might be following in the footsteps of great actors like Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson when it comes to portraying the role of the most popular villain in the world of comic books, but there are reports suggesting that his portrayal of the role will be nothing like the other versions that the fans have had a chance to see on screen.