The Flash: Zoom’s Identity Revealed, Barry and The Others Shaken Up After Visit to Earth 2!

The Flash season 2 has finally revealed the face behind the mask of Zoom. This is a major spoiler, so all the readers who haven’t watched the episode, please tread carefully. The man who is known as Zoom is none other than Jay Garrick.

Yes, this has been a major shocker for the fans since it cannot be Jay Garrick from Earth 2 since he is already with Barry and the others in Earth 1. This isn’t where the surprise element stops. It was Zoom who had actually killed Jay Garrick in the last episode. This might be a little confusing, but what will clear the confusion is that, Zoom is Jay Garrick from Earth 1.

The viewers will already know Jay Garrick from Earth 1 who had been adopted and given a new name, Hunter Zoloman and that is what is Zoom’s real name. It is only now that the inhabitants of Earth 1 have come to know about Zoom, when in fact he had been tormenting the inhabitants of Earth 2 for a very long time.

Ever since Barry has opened the breach between the two worlds, the movement between the two worlds have been easy. However, this doesn’t answer a lot of queries of the fans. If Zoom had been tormenting Earth 2 for so long, how did he enter the alternate dimension before Barry?

The fans realize that there is another figure with an iron mask who seems to exude some sort of a power over Zoom. While the identity of the others is revealed, this particular character seems to keep his mask on so that no one knows who he truly is. This has again raised a lot of question. Fans have been asking if the man in the iron mask is Jay Garrick from a third realm.

The visit to the parallel realm in Earth 2 had been unnerving for everyone. Barry and his team are still coping with the questions and doubts that seem to have come to their minds from the visit to the sphere of alternate reality. It is, but natural, that when they see their doppelgangers leading a life that is completely different from the one that they live, it is going to leave an impact on them.

Barry realizes that his doppelganger in Earth 2 is in possession of all the things that he craves for. Barry in Earth 2 can enjoy the company of his mother since she is still alive. Earth 2 Barry is also married to Iris (Candice Patton). While these are the two things that he clearly wants more than anything, there are other things that make Barry realize that his Earth 1 life is far better.

Earth 2 Barry has a broken relationship with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and he isn’t a superhero. He doesn’t have the courage and the power to take charge and neither does he have the quiet resolve that makes him such a loveable character.

Along with Barry, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) also has to struggle with the different Caitlin (Danielle Panabekar) that he encounters in Earth 2. The Caitlin there is a cold blooded killer and has earned the nick name of Killer Frost. As Cisco watches Caitlin struggling with the emotion of having lost Jay (Teddy Sears), he couldn’t help, but wonder how different both the Caitlins are and if they are even different from each other.