Grey’s Anatomy: Will Jackson Divorce April? Viewers Take a Flashback Journey, Meredith Defends Derek!

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been trying to avoid this very situation for a very long time now, but it looks like things are headed the ominous way when it comes to Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew). The two have been swaying between a reconciliation and a divorce and it looks like the couple will head towards the latter.

April and Jackson saw their relationship go downhill after the birth of their baby. The incident shook them both up, but it made a huge impact on April and she realized that she hasn’t done anything worthwhile in life and decides to head to the army to become a doctor there.

Jackson had made it very clear from the start that if April decides to head to the army for a tenure then he will not be left waiting for her and that is exactly how things have panned out. April did leave for the army, but once she returned, she wanted in on the relationship whereas Jackson had become completely aloof and the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy shows Jackson and April on the brink of finalizing the divorce.

The two have been one of the most popular couple in the series after Meredith and Derek and according to the TV Guide, the upcoming episodes of Grey Anatomy will take the viewers on a journey of their relationship. They will get to see how they started and have evolved over the course of their relationship.

Sarah Drew spoke to TV Guide and said that both April and Jackson knew that they have differences and these differences have shaped up who they are. They never realized these issues when they decide to get married, but the flashback will help the audience identify them and understand how they have come to the present situation.

The next episode will take the viewers twelve years back when April and Jackson had met each other for the first time as interns in Mercy West.  The viewer revisits the moment when they first meet each other and then see how they behave in their elopement road trip. One of the primary things that the viewers notice is how madly they are in love and how completely different they are from each other.

The couple make a decision before the end of the next episode, but there is going to be a lot of debate if they have taken the decision that is best for them. The problem with Jackson and April’s relationship is lack of communication. The two really love each other, but they aren’t being able to work their feelings around all the problems.

For viewers, Jackson and April might be headed to divorce-ville since Jackson has given the divorce papers to April, but Sarah Drew has informed Entertainment Weekly that viewers shouldn’t be too confident about the fact that their relationship is over since Shonda Rhimes, the showrunner can change things in the very last minute.

Sarah Drew is clearly very excited about the flashback scenes. She said that Jackson and April’s character has gone through so many time jumps that it was interesting to go back to those little moments and relive them again.

Plus, she is excited of gaining the trust of Rhimes that made them carry an entire episode on their shoulders.

There’s some good news for the fans of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). Derek had been killed in the story and the episode will show Meredith Shepherd (Ellen Pompeo) rising up to defend her husband’s name. An old patient whom Shepherd had operated eleven years ago returns to the hospital.