Grey’s Anatomy: Will Jackson Divorce April? Viewers Take a Flashback Journey, Meredith Defends Derek!

Katie Bryce was a rhythmic gymnast who was prone to seizures when the viewers of Grey’s Anatomy saw her for the first time. At that, Meredith and Christina (Sandra Oh) had been able to figure out that the seizures were caused due to bleeding inside the patient’s brain.

With Katie Bryce back with the seizures, there’s an indication that the clip that Derek had put in might have slipped, but Meredith stands up for her late husband and makes it very clear that he wasn’t one who would do such shoddy work and that the clip couldn’t have moved.

Grey’s Anatomy is going to get very interesting since there are reports suggesting that Christina Yang will be making a comeback into the show. She leaves the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital at the end of Season 10 to head Dr. Burke’s (Isaiah Washington) hospital in Zurich. Fans were always hopeful that Yang will be brought in since her character wasn’t killed off and she was always alluded to by Meredith.

This seems to be the perfect time for Yang to make a comeback since Meredith has gone through some rough time and could make do with the support of an old friend.

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