Lindsay Lohan: Brother Michael Lohan Jr. Arrested, spotted in London, Rumor About Being Broke Is False, And More!

Lindsay Lohan and her family has a long history of getting into the wrong foot of the law and keeping up with the family legacy, Lindsay Lohan’s younger brother Michael Lohan Jr. has now gotten into the wrong side of the law.

Michael Lohan Jr. had been arrested for using a fabricated placard that read that the vehicle being parked is registered under the official business vehicle identification that is issued by the State of New York.

Michael Lohan Jr. had parked his vehicle with this placard to get away without paying the parking fees. However, he was he was caught by the police when he had parked the vehicle in front of Gramercy Park on the 21st Street in East Manhattan.

When the police asked him to furnish the necessary documents to validate that he worked with the State of New York for him to forego the parking fee, he couldn’t. This lead to his arrest and subsequent presence in the New York Court where he faced charge for criminal possession of forged official document.

Since Michael Lohan Jr. had no prior criminal record, the prosecutor and the defendant decided to settle the matter without any further delay. Michael Lohan Jr. has been studying to get into the real estate field and if he is charged by the court, he will not be able to get his registration I.D for the job and that will leave in a tight spot.

Being considerate enough to not harm the young man’s career, the court decided to absolve him of all his charges in exchange for community service and with the commitment that he will not get into any trouble with the law in the next six months.

Lindsay Lohan has had her share of community service as well when she was asked to complete 116 hours of community service in Brooklyn for a car crash back in 2012 and back to back DUIs ever since 2007.

While her brother Michael Lohan Jr. is going to start doing his community service and working towards a career in the real estate, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan are going to start their own VH1 reality series called Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the new trailer for the show is an explosive one and shows the former couple get started on a fiery session with the family counsellor. Michael and Dina will shout and scream and wash all their dirty linen in the public for the reality show.

Daily Mail reports that Michael Lohan will even walk out of a therapy session stating that he can’t stand to look at his former wife and called her evil. There was a case where it was reported that Dina and Lindsay would consume cocaine together. The issue had been mentioned by a guest on FOX News and they were made to apologize for the same by the mother-daughter duo.

This issue again crops up in the VH1 series and while Dina refutes the whole incident and calls in fabricated, Michael refuses to accept it saying that it was her words against the others. With Lindsay Lohan having broken all ties with her father and with things not improving with her mother, it is going to be interesting to see how she reacts to this series.

Lindsay Lohan is currently living in London. The actress is frequently going over the city with her friends. She was recently spotted stepping out of the Chiltern Firehouse on Friday, along with her friends. Lindsay Lohan looked chic in a black ensemble. She had on a sheer blouse with a jeweled color.