The Expendables 4: Star-Cast Rumored, Manny Pacquiao, Jackie Chan and Hulk Hogan to be a Part of the Fourth Installment, And More

The production team would like The Expendables 4 to top the charts and break all previous Box Office records, and they are leaving no stone unturned in achieving that feat. The inclusion of three of the greatest athletes of this era proves the point. Other important names in the cast include Pierce Brosnan and Will Smith.

Jackie Chan is a huge name in Asia while Pierce Brosnan still has a decent number of fans rooting for him. Will Smith is equally popular around the globe. All these actors coming together would surely spell massive success for The Expendables 4, at least the production team would want it to!

Experts are of the opinion that the average age of the actors is a problem for the franchise, and they should consider retiring, let alone work in an action-packed extravaganza. Are you of a similar opinion? Details regarding the plot and release date are currently under wraps, and the spoilers are expected to surface at the right moment!

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