Xiaomi Mi5 Launch Delayed, Hardware Predictions Indicate A 20.7 MP Sony Rear-Camera, And More Details

According to popular reports, the testing for Xiaomi Mi5 has reached it final stage; however, there have been some delays regarding the launch of this device. Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi posted an image on Weibo, a social networking site based in China. He posted images of the new prototypes of Xiaomi’s legacy smartphones Mi2S, Mi3, Mi4, and Mi Note along with the entire Redmi line of devices in their prototype state, developed by Xiaomi’s R&D team.

According to him, the company takes user feedback and the material quality of the devices quite seriously in order to meet the growing expectations of their fans. As a result, they have built five to six different prototypes before finally deciding on mass production. A message like this led everyone to believe that Xiaomi would be launching the Mi5 in the monthly of July, similar to what we experienced during the launch of Mi4 in 2014.

Meanwhile, a technology blog known as Gizmo China has confirmed these speculations by declaring that the product’s design has been totally finalized. However, the excitement of fans were short lived since Pan Jiutang, market analyst declared through Weibo that Xiaomi Mi5 launch was pushed back to the quarter of 2015, possibly around the October-December period. Recent rumors have indicated that Xiaomi may be using a similar hardware specification for their upcoming flagship tablet known as Mi Note.

As a result, in order to avoid a sales cannibalization between these devices, the company has decided to delay the Mi5 launch. It seems that Xiaomi is following Samsung’s business model as the latter is known to leave a six months gap between the releases of their flagship series devices. The company’s Note series of handsets always launch around six months after the S series device. For now, there is no official information on Mi5 and its launch date and Xiaomi seems to be reluctant about sharing the info.