Girls Season 4: Hannah Rejects Adam, Shoshanna Gives Preference to Career over Love, More News

Hannah (Lena Dunham) is finally growing up. After numerous fake starts into adulthood, we see Hannah growing up into a responsible adult.  Girls Season 4 finale has been titled as “Home Birth”. On one side viewers see Caroline (Gaby Hoffman) giving birth to her baby whereas, on the other, Hannah undergoes a process of rebirth as an adult.  The scene features ex-boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver) present during his sister’s labour. The set up is just perfect for Hannah to portray how her mind has progressed from an immature one to that of an adult.

Hannah shows much of her maturity when she declines to get back in a relation with Adam. It clearly shows that Adam has a long way to go before he can grow up. He runs back to Hannah after having a failed relationship, and it gives the impression that he is using her as his alternative plan.

We see Adam being selfish in his own ways when he lets Hannah know that Mimi-Rose and he are not together. He comes across as a confused person who is yet to know what is right for him. He accepts to the fact that he had let his centre drift, and he desperately regrets it. Adam’s immaturity comes out when he uses lines like “I miss you badly” to try and express his agony to Hannah and get things moving again as per his convenience.

Hannah maintains her high self-esteem to make her stand of rejecting the proposal very clear to Adam. She hardly seems to be moved by his pleas and persuasion to get back together as a couple. We finally see Hannah take a strong, staunch stand and move herself away from an unhealthy relation.