Girls Season 4: Hannah Rejects Adam, Shoshanna Gives Preference to Career over Love, More News

The second most evident step towards Hannah’s adulthood is her decision to go out with a fellow teacher at St Justine’s, Fran.  The “Six Months Later” footnote at the ending of “Home Birth” clearly shows that Lena Dunham is all set to show that this time around Hannah is taking a genuine step towards adulthood unlike her previous confused decisions. Fran looks to be a sweet, well settled and adjusted guy who is perfectly normal in all possible ways. This shows that Hannah has started to understand how a relationship should look like and who is suitable for her.

Shoshanna is also on the track of growth.  She does have bumps on her career path and is having difficulties in finding a job but she smartly forges a mature and supportive relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ray and also has a new romantic relation with Scott, an instant soup mogul but has a sharp head on his shoulders. Facing the dilemma over whether to take a dream job in Japan or moving in with Scott, Shoshanna gives priority to the former after consulting with Hermie.

Choosing career over relation clearly shows that her rational mind prevails. With both Hannah and Shoshanna taking correct decisions in their respective lives, Girls Season 4 finale, “Home Birth” seems to have everyone getting their maturity and adulthood in place.

The final episode brought each of the girls to a phase of their life where they could come out as independent women and could take charge of their lives