The Expendables 4: Jackie Chan Turns Down Offer, Set to Release in 2016, And More News

Sylvester Stallone is working hard with director Patrick Hughes to make The Expendables 4 a grand success. It isn’t confirmed yet, if Bieber is a part of the cast this time, but what we know is that Stallone has plans to place the team in a situation where they are completely out of place. He intends to create a “fish out of the water” scenario that will test the team and their potential.

Hughes was keen on giving a sci-fi touch, but Stallone felt that placing the team in an alien environment would be a better move, and it looks like that’s where The Expendables 4 plot-line is going to be based.

So when can we finally see The Expendables 4? Not any time before 2016 says the production team. This, however, is not an official announcement, and although there has been no news of a delay in the production process, we can hope that the release date isn’t pushed beyond 2016.

The casting for the film is not yet confirmed, and this might push back the release date. All we can confirm is that Hulk Hogan has been confirmed to be a part of the film and that Justin Bieber had been approached.

Stallone always stays in touch with his fans, and we hope that he will come up with news about The Expendables 4.