Frozen 2 Officially Announced by Disney, Anna Like to Receive Magical Abilities, And More

It is official! The much-awaited sequel to Frozen has been announced by Disney. Walt Disney took to their annual shareholder meeting to make announcements about several film projects that are in the pipeline, but the one that fans were waiting for was the official announcement for Frozen 2.

Frozen had become the most successful animated musical after having raked in $1.3 billion in 2013.

Apart from the announcement that Frozen 2 is on the cards, Disney did not come out with any further details. There was nothing mentioned about a potential release date or the supposed plot line. The fans were only provided with the news that Frozen 2 is officially on.

Frozen has caused a huge increase in Disney’s annual profit. The company has earned over $ 7.5 billion from the sales of Frozen related merchandise alone. Frozen had become so popular that it has been brought to Broadway. The film’s popularity has also resulted in a Frozen theme park.

Frozen, followed the story of two Nordic princesses, one of whom has magical powers. She is unable to control her powers and ends up conjuring snowstorms. The sisters are accompanied by their sidekick Olaf, a snowman.

The chief creative officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, John Lasseter, announced Frozen 2 to the crowd, patiently awaiting the news, he said that Disney is going to go back to Arendelle, the kingdom, in Frozen.

With Frozen 2 being announced, Disney is hoping that fans will be appreciative of their new release Cinderella. Cinderella will be aired with a short animated film titled Frozen Fever, where Princess Elsa will be shown suffering from a bothersome cold.

There has been speculation about Frozen 2 ever since vocal artist Idina Menzel, who lends her voice to Elsa, had hinted at it in December, 2014. Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, who had jointly directed Frozen, will be on board for Frozen 2 as well.