Frozen 2 Officially Announced by Disney, Anna Like to Receive Magical Abilities, And More

Directors Lee and Buck have quite a few ideas for the plot for Frozen 2, but Disney is not coming out with any information about the release dates or the plot. This, however, is not stop fans from coming out with their ideas of how the production team could go ahead with Frozen 2.

There are reports that claim that while Elsa has the power of Winter, her sister, Anna might discover her super powers and will be bestowed with the power of Spring. There are claims that a new villain will be created for Frozen 2 and that Elsa will also get her love this time.

The voice actors Josh Gad and Kirsten Bell had taken to Instagram to express their joy at the official announcement of Frozen 2. Fans desperately want Frozen 2 to be released, but Disney is going to make them wait.

It took two years for Frozen to release since it was first announced, and there are reports that Frozen 2 will be out only in 2018. Disney will not compromise on quality for anything. Disney CEO Robert Iger has made it very clear that they will not hurry the process for anything because they want excellence.

Disney knows that fans will wait and will not want them to compromise on quality by ensuring a fast release.