The Blacklist Season 4 Spoilers Revealed, Red and Liz Likely to Have an Explosive Reunion, Is Red the Real Father of Liz? Let’s See!

Jon Bokenkamp revealed that Liz does not have any idea as to what has happened to either her husband or her child. She tried to follow her dream of having a normal life with Tom and thus she decided to fake her death. However, as can be seen that dream is falling apart in a bad way and she is extremely worried about her family.

The finale episode of the previous season was quite shocking for fans as it was in this season it was revealed that Liz had just faked her death and she was actually alive and well. She made her return on this episode and was later adducted by Kirk. While some fans had already guessed that Liz is alive, some believed that she was dead and thus her return came as a surprise to them.

It was revealed that Red will be quite hurt when he comes to know that Liz lied to him and faked her death when she was actually alive.

It will be interesting to see how her story moves forward in the upcoming season and what effect Alexander Kirk’s revelation would have on her.

The Blacklist will return to NBC this fall.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Blacklist Season 4.