With Its Dimension Moto Z Is Being Called the Slimmest Phone, Enjoy Moto Mods and Two Years Unlimited Google Photos Storage, More Details

Lenovo has entered the world of modules with its Moto Z. The Moto Z and Moto Z Force were unveiled at the Tech World 2016, which was recently held in San Francisco. It was LG who got the modular phones out in the market in the beginning of 2016, with the G5. While Moto Z is a modular phone, it is different from G5 when it comes to the design and the functions.

The bottom part of the Moto Z cannot be removed, instead the back cover acts as modules with the Moto Mods snapped onto the phone with the help of 16 magnetic pins. With this feature, the users get a phone that is stylish and modern and can also become a new device every time the back cover is put on it.

The first mod that the users of Moto Z can use is the power packs. This Moto Mod acts as an extra battery, which has a battery life of 2,200mAh. This provides the user with additional battery life of 22 hours. The Power Packs for Moto Z have been built in collaboration with TUMI, Kate Spade New York and Incipio.

Indian Express reports that the after the power back up, the next thing that the users of Moto Z and Moto Z Force can expect is the fact that there is a Moto Mod from JBL. This helps amplify the sound for the music enthusiasts.

The JBL Sound Boost comes with two three-watt drivers and transforms the phone into a powerful speaker. With the Moto Z, the user can transform any gathering into a party with great music.

Did you ever think of a world where your phone could be a projector? Well, it does look a reality now with the Moto Mod Insta-Share projector that serves as a 70-inch movie projector.

It can beam videos and images on any available surface. It also comes with speakers that are built into the mod. This mod is the bulkiest of the lot and has a design that makes it a little protruding.

Moto Z has a premium design. It is made from aluminum and steel. The phone is very slim at a profile of 5.2mm. It weighs around 136g and is lighter than the other variants. Forbes has reported that it is surprising how Motorola has managed to keep the phones slim even while offering mods.

In fact, the dimension of Moto Z makes it the slimmest phone to be manufactured by any developer. The phone has also maintained its water repellency, which makes it one of the best handset to possess in the given price bracket.

However, since the phone is very slim, the camera protrudes from the back. According to Pocket Lint, the camera of Moto Z is going to be pretty good. It will have a camera of 13 MP in the rear, with image stabilization and laser autofocus. The front camera of 5 MP will be good for taking low light selfies and has a wide-angle lens.

For those looking to go for Moto Z should be informed that apart from the Moto Mods and the exceptional features, the phone also comes with a two years unlimited Google Photos storage.

The photos get backed up automatically and it is the easiest way to save and share photos. The fact that the unlimited storage is for 2 years, the users of Moto Z can be rest assured that their memories are going to be safe forever.