The Blacklist Season 4 Spoilers Revealed, Red and Liz Likely to Have an Explosive Reunion, Is Red the Real Father of Liz? Let’s See!

The Blacklist is an American crime thriller TV series that has been created by Jon Bokenkamp. The show made its debut on NBC on September 23, 2013. The third season of The Blacklist came to an end sometime back and it has been announced that the show has been renewed for a fourth season.

A number of spoilers for the upcoming episode are currently floating around on the internet. a number of rumors suggest that season 4 of The Blacklist will come with a big revelation. Apparently, it will be revealed that James Spader’s Red is the real father of Megan Boone’s Liz.

It was previously seen that Red told Liz that he was not her biological father. However, it turns out that Red was not telling the truth to Liz. A particular Reddit user believes that Red was lying about the whole matter and he actually is Liz’s real father.

That being said, it was also seen that Liz was abducted by Alexander Kirk who claimed that he is her real father. However, the Reddit user claims that Alexander is not the biological father of Liz. He goes on to provide explanation for his claim.

He stated that Red fell in love with a legendary target Katarina Rostova. Red was tasked with hunting down Katarina, however, he fell in love with her once they met. The KGB came to know about their love affair and they thought of Katarina as being a double agent.

Red had a daughter with Rostova and this girl was Liz. They were being hunted down by the KGB and Katarina fled, making her escape. Red was left with Liz and he decided to hide the actual truth from her because he did not want to tell her that her mother left her and disappeared.

Now, red believes that Liz is dead, however, she is actually alive and rumors state that Red and Liz will come face to face with each other in the upcoming season. it will be quite interesting to see their reunion in the upcoming season.

Various reports state that their reunion will be “fiery”. Apparently, bottled up emotions of both the characters will find a vent when they finally meet again and thus fireworks are what that will follow.

Jon Bokenkamp, the series creator recently shared his thoughts on the matter. He stated that Red has not been entirely truthful with Liz and that is going to have an effect on their reunion. He added that Liz’s questions are not fully answered by Red who keeps hiding the truth from her.

A renowned website reports that the relationship of Liz and Red could be seen deepening in the upcoming season. Liz was separated from her husband Tom Keen and their daughter and it has had an adverse effect on her.

Red has been trying to get to the heart of Liz for a long time, however, Liz keeps turning him down. James Spader, recently stated that Red is completely aware of the feelings that Liz is having after being separated from her daughter and husband.

He added- “He’s not insensitive to the fact of what she’s going through in her life right now and he’s aware of her knowledge of his feelings about all of it, and he’s made that plain. I think he would have an understanding for what led to this.”

As for Tom Keen and Liz, reports state that the couple will not be having a happy reunion after all. They are already separated from themselves and from their daughter. However, their troubles will not be coming to an end with that. They will be facing even more problems in the upcoming season and the possibility of a happy ending for the duo seems like a bleak prospect at the moment.