EA Working On Star Wars: Battlefront Bespin DLC, Season Pass Holders Get It Sooner Than Others, Expect New Playable Characters and Weapons!

EA has confirmed that it has started work on Star Wars: Battlefront. The Star Wars enthusiasts had been waiting for the VR title ever since PlayStation VR announced it in March.

Sony had revealed in March that they have made the plans for the much anticipated PlayStation VR headsets for PlayStation 4. Virtual reality headsets are sure to change the gaming experience for the PlayStation users and one of the new titles that EA is planning for it is the Star Wars: Battlefront.

The EA keynote gave a glimpse of the new title and how it is expected to look before the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016, which is going to be held in Los Angeles in the next few days.

The video that is being circulated shows a player wearing the PlayStation VR headset and taking what looks like an X-Wing fighter on a spin. While the limited information in the video was a little disappointing to the fans, there is hope that with the E3 just a day away, EA will unveil the Star Wars: Battlefront on the occasion.

According to Charlotte Observer, the EA is channeling their Force when it comes to the Star Wars: Battlefront. The new version that they are working on, has been inspired by DICE and Motive Studios and will have an original story that was created by Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment.

Jade Raymond, the general manager of Motive Studios has come out to reveal that the developers are working hard to bring in new experiences for the fans of the franchise and the players. They are bringing in new stories that are present in the many corners of the vast universe.

The team of developers is expanding and hence they are progressing by making significant addition to the new installment of Star Wars: Battlefront. EA is not ready with the specifics yet, but they have started developing the new game and are paying keen attention to the feedbacks that they have received from the players and they are confident that the players are going to love what they are preparing for them in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Uber Gizmo reported that there is more good news coming for the players who are waiting for Star Wars: Battlefront. It is reported that EA has promised that that they are going to roll out the new DLC for the game and those with a season pass for the upcoming game will be able to download the new DLC from Star Wars: Battlefront on the 21st of June. For the others, the same will be available on the 15th of July.

The Bespin DLC of Star Wars: Battlefront is going to introduce Cloud City and Lando Calrissian to the game. The players will get to join Lando Calrissian and the notorious bounty hunter, Denger in the Cloud City. The players will be able to fly with the new cloud car vehicle and travel in and around the Cloud City and the Administrator’s Palace.

The two characters have been given new abilities in the DLC of Star Wars: Battlefront. Lando, as the fans of Star Wars would know, has the talent to know the odds and use tricks to get away from his enemies and these two characteristics have been added to the character.

On the other hand, Dengar is given the ability to fight out from any given situation. He thrives in a fight and this is what the character in Star Wars: Battlefront will also do.