Grappling Hooks Becomes the Star of Titanfall 2, Demo Includes Two New Titans, Expected to Release in October!

Titanfall 2 has made a star out of the grappling hook. There are numerous gamers who haven’t been able to master Titanfall, which brought together man and machine in the same arena.

However, everything is set to change now since the grappling hook has been introduced in the gameplay mechanics. It had been hard to bring down the mighty Titans, but then things are going to change with the grappling hooks, which allow the players to grapple into a building or slingshot things into the air and even jump over the machines.

As The Verge reported, the grappling hook in Titanfall 2 gave the players the much needed speed and verticality, which they couldn’t have possibly exhibited before in the game. A lanky player didn’t stand a chance against the might Titans, but now with the grappling hooks, making up for the gap between the machine and the human isn’t difficult.

The easiest way to bring the Titans down is to get on their back. While this was a task in Titanfall, it has now become easy to sling one’s self over the Titan’s back with the help of a grappling hook. The players can now sling themselves on the back of the Titans and lodge grenades into them or pull out their batteries to render them harmless.

IGN reviewed the Titanfall 2 and reported that it is an excellent gameplay that keeps all the good things from the previous installment while incorporating interesting new features. There is a Bounty Mode where the game proceeds in a place called the Boomtown.

The Titans here are marked by their bounties, which can be taken away either by melee execution or by slinging on to their backs and incapacitating them.

There is a massive change in the rodeo mechanic. The player no longer has to hop up or use the Front Rifleman’s grappling hook to get on top of the enemy. They can simply drop a grenade into a hole and walk away with getting the whole battery destroyed.

This new gameplay encourages team work, which means that the battery that the player has extracted can be handed to a good Titan, to help power it up or repair it.

Drew McCoy, who is the producer of Titanfall 2 believed that one of the drawbacks of Titanfall was that it made the pilot a kind of a lone wolf. It wasn’t a completely practical scenario since odds of survival for a powerless human was almost zero in the midst of Titans. It is because of this reason that friendly Titans were incorporated into Titanfall 2. The cooperation provides a chance for survival.

The head of studio, Vince Zampella revealed that there are going to be two Titans in the demo version of Titanfall 2. They are Ion and Scorch. Ion is going to use the Splitter Rifle to drain its own energy to fire three shots together.

It also has the flame shield that was present in Titanfall’s Vortex Shield. It melts the incoming attacks from the enemy. Ion can restore some of the energy by hitting the enemy Titans in their crucial points.

Scorch deals with fire based attacks. Its primary attack involves a mortar shell that explodes fire and a power attack that involves a chain of fire in the direction that the weapon has been turned. For defense, the Titan would create a radius with a fire and for the deadliest of attacks, Scorch would send a wave of flame.