Grappling Hooks Becomes the Star of Titanfall 2, Demo Includes Two New Titans, Expected to Release in October!

Zampella has added that Scorch has been evolved from Atlas and hints at the fact that while some of the original characters from the game are returning in Titanfall 2, there are some characters that have evolved since the first installment.

The main reason for this being that the future of Titanfall is being depicted in Titanfall 2 and hence there has been technological advancements along with the progress in the battle.

Titans in Titanfall 2 have to be earned by the players and hence it is advised that they gun down as many enemy pilots as they can in order to claim their very own Titans early in the game. The Hardtracker’s energy rifle also requires a lot of skill since the target has to be led on, but it works brilliantly when it comes to creating damage.

Apart from the positives, there are some complaints about Titanfall 2. The primary one is that the Titan when beckoned, comes in and lands facing the player. The idle situation would be one where the Titan lands facing the action and it doesn’t need to waste precious moments turning towards it.

Inquisitr has revealed that Titanfall 2 will be released on October 28th and will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and the PC.

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