Leaked Photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Point Out Key Design Details, Powered by 823 Snapdragon Chipset, Might Have An Iris Scanner, And More

The next update to the Samsung Galaxy Note is going to be released in August, but there are leaked information on the same around the internet, which gives an idea about the product. The leaked information has already revealed that Samsung is not going to follow numerals this time and will go ahead and called its new phablet, Galaxy Note 7.

While this might come out as odd, there are rumors that suggest that the reason behind this is that Samsung wants to match the Note series with its flagship S7 series.

This has been done so that there is no doubt in the mind of the consumer. There is a fear that if Samsung doesn’t include the 7 then the buyers might mistake it for an old model and this will hamper its sale.

It should be mentioned that Apple had rolled out its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year. It is because of this reason that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is now going to be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The teaser for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 includes the word “edge”, which highlights the fact that it Samsung might also be looking forward to bringing back the Edge variant. It has skipped the Edge variant of Note with the Note 5, but has plans of bringing it back again in the coming few months.

The Edge variant is going to bring in the curved dual edge that was first introduced in the Note Edge and then used again in Galaxy S7 Edge.

Inquisitr has reported that the leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 provides insights. One that the device in question is indeed a phablet and the other that there is a pen with the device. Since the pen points at the device, it can be safely presumed that the pen belongs with the device and this gives out a key info about Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Android Headlines has reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to have a 5.8 inch display with a QHD. It will have a resolution of 1440X2560 pixel with a curved Samsung AMOLED display panel. The phablet is going to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 chipset and will have a 6GB RAM, which can be expanded with the help of microSD card. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come with a 12MP rear camera.

Snapdragon and Samsung had not seen eye to eye ever since the debacle of the 820 chip set in Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

However, the two companies seem to have repaired their ties after the update to 821 and now it is waiting to roll out the 823 chipset that will enhance and upgrade the performance. The upgrade to Note 7 is also going to see an improvement in the battery life with a 4000mAh battery.

With Samsung Galaxy Note 7 right around the corner, the rumor about its bendable phone, is getting stronger every passing day. International Business times has reported that Gregory Lee, the head of Samsung’s North American business had informed at the Rutberg’s Mobile conference that Samsung’s bendable is right around the corner and that there is a chance of the phablet being showcased before 2017.