The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 20 Review with Upcoming Episode Spoilers, More Details

Right now, the cracks are showing, and it’s thankful to see them getting the breathing space they deserve. In the meantime, Leonard is not at all happy that Penny is making more money than him. The health of Penny and Leonard’s relationship has always depended on who is feeling more superior in regards to their jobs or the self-esteem related to them. However, this is the first time that Penny has surpassed Leonard in something other than looks and social skills.

People love Penny’s character, and this episode shows exactly why! Penny earns more than Leonard but never mentions it to anyone. Considering academic intelligence, she is quite far behind the other characters but at the same time, she isn’t dumb either. She is just a different kind of smart. At the beginning of the show, Penny was quite dependent on her dreams of becoming an actress.

Right now, she is more mature and content with good friends and a stable job. At the same time, she has the agency to figure out what she wants and aim for it without the need of pacifying others or their expectations involving her.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and co. is about to meet aliens in the upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory Season 8, titled ‘The Communication Deterioration’. In this episode, you will witness Raj enlisted by NASA to develop a message for the extraterrestrials but the tasks ultimately go a bit out of hand when the guys quarrel on how it should go down.

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