American Odyssey Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Confessions of Co-Creator Adam Armus, More Details!

In the latest Season 1 Episode 2 of NBC’s American Odyssey, titled ‘Oscar Mike’, Odelle (played by Anna Friel) tries to avoid being detected while traveling through the desert with her Malian companion. On the last episode, we saw Sergeant Odelle Ballard come upon certain incriminating computer files, only to end up becoming the sole survivor of the attack on her unit. The series premiere of American Odyssey focused on an international conspiracy and its effect on three different strangers.

Meanwhile, Hacker Bob is hesitant about revealing information that indicates Odelle is still alive, and Peter takes his suspicions regarding Societel to the Department of Justice. American Odyssey’s latest episode begins with Hundreds of people marching through a desert in Mali, North Africa while chanting simultaneously. When a horse collapses, the entire procession comes to a dead stop. While getting helped with the wagon, the old man asks about Tuareg from his helper Aslam.

In the meantime, Peter breaks down into tears confessing that the drone pilot was dead because of him. The next morning, we see Peter’s kids coming down for breakfast. Sophia Tsaldari, a worthy candidate for the position of Prime Minister of Greece, is on the news and Peter’s daughter Maya keeps talking about her and asking her dad whether she can meet her. On the other hand, Harrison comes to his apartment and tells his girlfriend that he was missing all night since he stayed with Russell, after a man named Bob Harper went missing.

Although his girlfriend doesn’t wish to believe it, Harrison explains how Odelle emailed Bob, and this was a clear indication that she was alive. Meanwhile, Aslam asks Odelle to stop talking to people as she is a woman, and people are starting to suspect something about her. Aslam declares that he will leave Odelle when the Tuaregs meet up with hundreds more and travel with them to Timbuktu.  In the meantime, Odelle will have to meet up with Colonel Green.