The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 20 Review with Upcoming Episode Spoilers, More Details

In this week’s episode The Big Bang Theory Season 8, we see that it all starts with an argument regarding animated image files and most of the time you will think that it’s a business-as-usual-installment show.  For most of its running time, it is just that with the inclusion of some mean-spirited jokes to everyone’s expense along with punch lines that are long past being just funny. Basically, it features general unpleasant from everyone towards everyone.

However, the good news shows that there are a lot of stuff located in-between than it usually is. It starts beginning to address some of the biggest flaws in the show. The awesome third of this episode is dedicated to Amy and Sheldon, who, when left to their elements, are mostly the saving grace of every week. You need to skip past the ‘uterus stuff’ joke, and you will start noticing a lovely little storyline featuring a couple deciding to retroactively correct their boring, lonesome childhoods by making a pillow and blanket fort!

We are all aware of how this couple has its annoying moments. However, thanks to the show for their admiringly slow take on Sheldon and Amy’s development. It can go half a complete season before you notice how far they’ve come. This week’s episode clearly showcased that scenario. Sheldon cautiously agrees to his first sleepover with Amy featuring nothing but a sharing in fun and companionship. Amy compromises by caving on the PG-13 rating. You will notice how their dainty progress is slow and adorable.

Meanwhile, the show is treating Leonard and Penny’s relationship in a favorable manner too. As an avid viewer, you finally get to notice the fallout resulting out of Penny’s new career change. It was indicated at the start of the season that Penny’s change in career would affect her and her relationship with Leonard.