Coachella 2015: While Madonna Kisses Drake, Her Tank Top Makes A Style Statement, And More

There were rumours all around that Madonna is going to make an appearance at Coachella 2015. Since the very last day, she wasn’t to be seen, and fans completely gave up when she didn’t attend the epic Coachella party thrown by Jeremy Scott.

However, the fans attending the popular music and art festival were taken by surprise when Madonna made a sudden appearance on stage during Drake’s closing act for the festival. The Queen of Pop came on stage with her blonde hair open, and in stockings and boots and a ‘Big As Madonna’ t-shirt.

She might 56-year-old, but she sure knows how to make heads turn and how! 28-year-old Drake was performing his track ‘Madonna’ that is a part of his latest album, ‘If You Are Reading This Its Too Late,’ when Madonna strutted on stage.

Amidst loud cheering from fans, Madonna kissed Drake passionately. The lip-lock was a complete surprise and Drake didn’t know how to react to it. When he came up gasping for air, he looked completely surprised and said “What the f— just happened?”

After the kiss, while Drake was still trying to understand what had just happened, Madonna said “I’m Madonna, bitch” and exited the stage. Madonna had last performed at Coachella in 2006, but her appearance in Coachella 2015 is going to remain in people’s minds for a long time to go, especially for Drake.

The social media is now teaming with photos of the lip-lock between Madonna and Drake. Drake himself took to Instagram to share the photo and captioned it with something to write home about.

Critics believe that Drake’s expression on stage said it all and he is now trying to salvage the situation. Drake looked completely weirded out. Hollywood Reporter said that the kiss was so awkward that they wouldn’t wish it upon two cousins who make out at a bar for free drinks!