Rosberg Promises to Respect Hamilton after Chinese Grand Prix Debacle, Latter Driver under Fire for Post-Race Conduct, And More

Nico Rosberg has denied any allegations that claim he was moaning after finishing second to Lewis Hamilton during the Chinese Grand Prix However, he indicated that he might show more respect when it is warranted in the future. After Sunday’s race on Chinese Grand Prix, Rosberg embarked on a vicious attack on Lewis Hamilton raising accusations that his team mate was driving selfishly and trying to force him into the hands of Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, who finished third. Hamilton clearly denied any such allegation and said that he wasn’t quite sure as to what his (Nico’s) problem was.

Reports indicate that the two apparently shared an amicable debrief, following the simmering tension. The tension exploded after the completion of three races during this season. While preparing his usual post-race video blog, Rosberg replied to questions from fans that suggested he was seen ‘crying’. Rosberg replied that he respects the opinion of his fans and spectators and meanwhile he will try show respect when it’s due moving forward.

At the same time, he was asked about why he didn’t attack Lewis. He understood why his fans were asking these questions and added that it clear, how difficult it was for fans to see from outside and understand the real issue. He declared that he did attack Lewis in the first stint, but it didn’t work out. All that happened was his tires getting destroyed. As a result, there was no point in trying the same maneuver during the second stint as he would have risked losing his second place to Sebastian Vettel, who was repeatedly breathing down his neck.

Furthermore, if he tried that again, it would have resulted in complete destruction of his tires followed by Vettel easily overtaking him. Nico Rosberg admitted that his only chance of winning the race was during its end when he could have tried to overtake him. In conclusion, that’s ‘what I was building up to.’’ Rosberg missed out on Hamilton by 0.04 seconds and conceded that the Shanghai race was lost in qualifying.