Rosberg Promises to Respect Hamilton after Chinese Grand Prix Debacle, Latter Driver under Fire for Post-Race Conduct, And More

Presently, the 29-year-old Nico Rosberg is third in the drivers’ championship, 17 points behind Hamilton and 4 points behind Vettel. He added that after the race it was quite intense, but it was followed by a very good sit-down and a good discussion. He finally declared that it is now a thing of the past, and currently everyone is focused on Bahrain.

However, the worst part of his weekend was losing to Lewis Hamilton during qualifying, which compromised him the most. He simply missed it by four-hundredths of a second. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will meet again during the Bahrain Grand Prix, scheduled this Friday.

Meanwhile, Hamilton provided a pretty formidable defense of his Formula One Championship Crown. He started every race in the pole position and was victorious in two of three opening GP races. However, he came under fire due to the nature of his post-race celebrations.

He was seen spraying champagne in the face of a hostess while on the podium. The chief-editor of Anti-sexism campaigners Object, Roz Hardie, told Daily Mail that Hamilton should apologize for his actions and behave accordingly in the future. According to him, Hamilton’s great victory was plagued by what seems like inconsiderate and selfish behavior.

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