Coachella 2015: While Madonna Kisses Drake, Her Tank Top Makes A Style Statement, And More

Madonna took to the social media silencing her critics by saying that if they don’t like her and still watched everything she did then they are a fan. You can always expect the pop sensation to know how to have the last word.

Madonna’s tank top with the ‘Big As Madonna’ caption from Drake’s song has become very popular. The tank top was made by L.A based company Private Party. The company is known for making funky t-shirts, sweatshirts and swimsuits with sayings and lyrics from popular songs. They have amongst their customers celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Tracee Ellis Ross and Emily Ratajkowski.

The brainchild behind the design is celebrity designer Patrick Monahan. When asked how he came to create it and make Madonna wear it, he said that he had friends working for Madonna and thought it would be a great idea and Madonna agreed to wear it on stage.

Monahan, when asked how he felt about the lip-lock shared between Madonna and Drake, said that whatever the two of them do is always magic.

While Madonna and Drake have created festival history, Jaden Smith has made an appearance in a dress! Yes, things keep happening at the Coachella Music and Art Festival organised at Southern California.

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