American Odyssey Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Confessions of Co-Creator Adam Armus, More Details!

When Peter arrives at work, there is a protest outside claiming that Odelle is still alive. In Africa, men with guns start searching through the pilgrimage, looking for Odelle. Aslam denies her presence and admits that he has never seen her.

Meanwhile, Harrison goes to the first address he got from Bob Offer and noticed a woman in the house. He disregards her and keeps typing passwords on the computer only to have them denied. As Sophia Tsaldari arrives in NYC, between jihad protests and her protected motorcade, the city has been backed up for miles. Peter’s daughter Maya shook her hand and declared that she is going to change the world.

In the African pilgrimage, the suspicious old man apprehends Odelle and Aslam attacks him from behind and starts to strangle him with a rope. The others don’t hear the old man shouting and gasping for air. Odelle asks Aslam to let him go, but he eventually kills him, declaring that there was no other way.

In other news, Adam Armus, Executive Producer of American Odyssey recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter and revealed a bit of his journey in Hollywood. He and his writing partner, Nora Kay Foster worked for years with David. E Kelley and after that they kept on writing. With American Odyssey deciding to take their good work and put it on the air, Adam confessed that it felt like a new door opening for them as show creators.

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