The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Could Be the Last Season for The Show, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki Likely to Leave the Show!

Spoilers also state that Mayim Bialik’s Amy might finally be seen receiving the ring that Jim Parsons’ Sheldon wanted to give to her in the previous season. It was seen that Amy told him that they should break-up so he was unable to give it to her.

Amy was later informed that Sheldon wanted to propose to her and this made her feel guilty because she ruined the moment. The upcoming season might see them finally getting engaged. Molaro revealed that the characters are not rushing their relationship.

Instead they are taking baby steps towards that ultimate thing. Chances are that they will be seen tying the knots at some point in the season. Rumors also state that the upcoming season might also feature the wedding of Penny and Leonard.

It was seen that Penny and Leonard did get married in the previous season. The wedding took place in Las Vegas. However, it was reported that they might be seen getting married to each other once again. This time around the wedding will be graced by the presence of Sheldon’s mother and Leonard’s parents.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 will premiere on CBS in September.

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