The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Could Be the Last Season for The Show, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki Likely to Leave the Show!

The Big Bang Theory is an American television series that has been created by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. The show made its first appearance on television on CBS on September 24, 2007. It has been renewed for a 10th season.

It has just come to light that the show might be losing two of its regular characters at the end of the upcoming season. The characters in question are Leonard and Penny. The character of Leonard is played by Johnny Galeckiand Kaley Cuoco portrays the character of Penny.

Both of these actors’ contracts will come to an at the end of the 10th season and it looks like they will no longer be renewed for another season. It seems as if it is challenging for the showrunners to renew the contracts of these two actors.

However, Kaley Cuoco had previously stated that she is deeply involved with the show. She also stated that the show will not come to an end after its 10th season. She seemed quite eager to be a part of the show and stated- “I think it’s a given that we want to be here. That’s the overall consensus. “It might be a sticky road, but if I have anything to do with it, we’d be here for much longer. That’s the goal.”

It is likely that the showrunners will be exploring the various aspects of her character in the upcoming season. It was seen in the previous season that she was struggling to accept the harsh reality. She had a dream of becoming an actress. However, situations forced her to work at a pharmaceutical company. The upcoming season is likely to shed more light onto her struggle and her way of dealing with reality.

Kaley is not the only one to express her desire regarding the show’s continuation after its 10th season. Some other members of the cast of the show too stated that they wanted the show to go on. The list includes the likes of Jim Parsons, Melissa Rauch, KunalNayyar and Simon Helberg.

Steven Molaro, the executive producer of the show seemed quite optimistic regarding the possibility of continuation of the show after the upcoming season. He recently stated that the writers are still devoted to the task of writing for the show. They have a lot of stories to explore.

However, he also dropped hints that the upcoming season could actually turn out to be the final one for the show. He stated that season 10 might be the last of the Big Bang Theory. That being said, he also said that given the circumstances, there is the possibility that the show will go beyond the oncoming season.

It should be mentioned here that no official confirmation has been received in this regard.

Coming back to rumors for the upcoming season, it is known that Melissa Rauch’s Bernadette is pregnant with Howard’s baby. The character of Howard is played by Simon Helberg. Rumors have it that Bernadette will not be delivering the baby in the upcoming season.

Steven Molaro had previously stated that they will not be rushing the Bernadette pregnancy angle. The plot will progress gradually with time.

Initially Howard was delighted to come to know that he will be becoming a father. However, it was seen that he started to worry whether he will be able to make a good father or not.

It is due to the fact that Howard did not have his father when he grew up and thus he did not have any idea about the concept of fatherhood. He will be learning getting better at it slowly. The show will not be doing a time jump with this angle and thus fans will be able to witness Howard’s journey to fatherhood.