Spoilers of Doctor Who Season 10, Matt Lucas to Be introduced to the Cast!

A familiar face is being brought back in Doctor Who. According to the BBC America show, Matt Lucas will be reprising his role as Nardole when Season 10 premieres. This actor first appeared during the Christmas Special episode of Doctor Who.

In a press release, Lucas said that he is very excited about Nardole returning to TARDIS in order to take part in some more adventures. After working with Peter, he is very excited about working with Pearl. Nardole and Doctor first met in Menodrax Dellora when the latter was helping River Song, played by Alex Kingston.

Hydroflax’s Robot body was being shared by Nardole and Ramone. Viewers need to see Season 10 in order to figure out whether he ever got out of that. Reports indicate that Nardole will immediately appear in Doctor Who Season 10 premiere.

Sadly, it is not coming too soon. Filming will start in 20th June in Cardiff, Wales but Season 10 won’t be releasing till 2017 hits. Steven Moffat, the showrunner, will be stepping down after this season and it seems like Nardole will be around for more than just one episode. Moffat said that he was delighted to be welcoming Matt Lucas on the TARDIS.

The BBC released a host of new details regarding the 10th season of Doctor Who and filming will begin next week. The first two episodes in this series will be written by Steven Moffat, the showrunner and Frank Cottrell-Boyce, the novelist.

He wrote Season 8’s “In the Forest of the Night”. These episodes will feature Matt Lucas, reprising his role as Nardole and Peaky Blinders’ Stephanie Hyam. Moffat reported that Lucas will be joining this show as a semi-regular. Moffat said that this time Nardole was not just returning for a Christmas Special, he will be sticking around for more.

Moffat said that he is one of the greatest comedy talents on Earth and he will be unleashed in the entire space and time. The corporation further took to Twitter in order to confirm the addition of two more writers in Doctor Who. Last year’s Face the Raven was written by Sarah Dollard. She will be returning to the show along with new writer Mike Bartlett.

Besides Matt Lucas, it was revealed that another character could be coming back to Doctor Who, Clara, portrayed by Jenna Coleman. At AwesomeCon in Washington, which took place earlier this month, Peter Capaldi told the crowd that he is not sure as to how well Clara was able to wipe his mind.

He wanted to say something more but it seemed inappropriate. However, she won’t be there for long. Clara will soon be replaced by Bill in Season 10. Before Season 10 premiers in 2017, Doctor Who will be returning in BBC America for a Christmas Special. In the meantime, viewers who want their Alien fix can check out Doctor Who spinoff, ‘Class’, during this fall.

Lucas was River Song’s former assistant from the Doctor Who Christmas Special which aired during fall last year. The episode was named The Husbands of River Song.

With Nardole returning to Doctor Who, this definitely not the first time when a character jumped from a special episode in order to become a series regular.

Catherine Kate, who played Donna Noble, faced the same thing. She was first seen during the 2006 Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride. She returned as the new companion of the tenth doctor in 2008. There are some other questions which need to be answered with the return of Nardole to Doctor Who.