Spoilers of Doctor Who Season 10, Matt Lucas to Be introduced to the Cast!

Will Nardole still remain in the robot body of King Hydroflax or will he try to find a way in which he can get back to his own physical body? This will definitely be one of the topics to be discussed in Doctor Who Season 10.

BBC didn’t announce a lot of details about his character but it is sure that a lot of fans are really excited about it. Lucas himself said that he is quite overjoyed about returning to the TARDIS and taking part in more adventures.

Meanwhile, Mike Bartlett will write a Time Lord adventure in Season 10 for Doctor Who and the award-winning writer plans to trade doctors. The timeless BAFTA-winning Doctor Foster, played by Suranne Jones, was given to us by Mike Bartlett.

Foster will write a story for The Doctor as Mackie and Capaldi embark on their first group of journeys through space and time. The first installment will be followed by Frank Cottrell Boyce’s episode. He wrote the tenth offering in series Eight, In the Forest of the Night.

What are your thoughts on Doctor Who Season 10? Are you excited about the return of Matt Lucas? How excited are you about saying Clara again? Stay tuned for more updates and information about Doctor Who Season 10!