Lydia and Stiles’ Future Will Be Further Explored in Teen Wolf Season 6, Will Zombies and Vampires Be a Part of the Next Season? Let’s See

Teen Wolf is currently on hiatus and fans are currently wondering about the plot of Season 6. Reports indicate that Teen Wolf Season 6 will not be featuring any vampires and zombies as suggested by the earlier rumors. In Teen Wolf Season 5 finale, we saw a Nazi werewolf and according to some other rumors, this pattern will be further continued in Season 6.

Dread Doctors were also shown in the last season and these further triggered rumors that the next season will feature zombies. According to MTV, Season 6 of Teen Wolf will follow a lot of highlights and twists from The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. It was reported that the upcoming season will feature new creatures as well.

Master Herald further reported that there won’t be any zombies or vampires. The showrunner Jeff Davis explained that Season 6 will not have either of these creatures.

Jeff Davis explained that Teen Wolf is a TV series which revolves around various mythological highlights, especially the ones related to shape-shifters. There were also rumors about Dylan O’Brien not returning to the show.

David said that the actor will remain as Stiles but he won’t be filming any kind of stunts at the time. Davis told Creative 132 that they will not replace Stiles and he will soon come back to the film.

In reality, they are currently negotiating with Wes Ball, The Maze Runner producer in order to have O’Brien come back in the sixth season of Teen Wolf. He wishes to film it and he is currently in perfect condition. However, he is not good enough to be doing any further stunts.

In Teen Wolf Season 6, Scott will once again be available for a girlfriend and if the recent rumors turn out to be true, Malia and Scott is an item. Ever since Allison died, Scott hasn’t been involved with anyone else.

Kira attempted to fill the void left by Allison’s but in the end, she decided to move on. Kira was played by Arden Cho, who declared that she won’t be returning in Season 6.

In a YouTube video where she announced her departure, Arden said that she loves Kira Yukimura a lot. In fact, she loves the Yukimura family and her overall experience on Teen Wolf. She loves the cast and crew and for her, it has been an amazing 3 and ½ years.

The years went by fast but it seems like the story has finally been wrapped up for Teen Wolf Season 6. We have no official announcement on Malia and Scott becoming an item but Jeff Davis earlier hinted that Lydia and Stiles could be exploring a romantic relationship.

It was revealed during last season that Lydia and Stiles still have some unresolved feelings for each other and according to Davis; this will be further explored in the upcoming season. Davis further told TVLine that these are not really lingering feelings. In fact, they have become a focal point of the next season.

Something big will happen between Lydia and Stiles in the very first episode of Season 6 and fans will have to tune in to see that. In Season 6 of MTV, there will be some older characters graduating in Season 6 and they will be making a fresh start in life.

The episode will begin sometime in November. Dylan O’Brien was injured while filming in the sets of The Maze Runner but Davis already declared that he will be making a return.