The Big Bang Theory Is Suffering From a Major Raj Problem, Spoilers Reveal That the Husbands Are Lying To Their Wives!

Firstly, the girls don’t want him to back to Emily in spite of hearing her teary pleas on the phone. Secondly, Claire called him again, declaring that she broke up with her boyfriend and she is up for a date if Raj is as well.

Everything about this follow-through and exploration of the dilemma seems rather misguided. Firstly, why would Emily even want Raj back? He broke up with her right BEFORE Valentine’s Day because he briefly talked with a random girl in a comic book store.

In the inside, Raj thinks that he is a hopeless romantic and a really Nice Guy but in reality, he seems to be often dismissive about the women around him. However, he eventually chooses Emily because he is a stupid, selfish man.

Meanwhile, attention! As there are some spoilers ahead! Leonard and Howard will be lying to their respective wives in the upcoming episode and attentions will be diverted when they see an ad for a Will Smith movie.

Since the beginning of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has used only one laptop and in ‘The Solar Excursion Diversion’, Leonard and Amy will be discussing about their laptop. His laptop is already broken and Amy will present him a new one.

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