The Big Bang Theory Is Suffering From a Major Raj Problem, Spoilers Reveal That the Husbands Are Lying To Their Wives!

The Application Deterioration is a story which consists of two completely different versions of The Big Bang Theory. One version comes with a charming, loose, funny theme which doesn’t delve deep into cynicism and it discovers little moments of meaningful character progression within every episode.

That version may not be really fresh and exciting but it is definitely great to watch. This is how a network sitcom should be. Meanwhile, the other version is emotionally twisted and lacks any kind of insight whatsoever. Solid punch line and real heart is found within the story of Sheldon, Leonard and Howard applying for a patent.

Sadly, The Big Bang Theory turns into a complete train-wreck when it comes to Raj and his romantic woes. Let’s talk about the good stuff first. In the previous episode, our three masterminds, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard come up with a navigation system for drunken people.

After that, the three are set in their path to apply for a patent for their infinite persistence gyroscope. They have to apply for the patent through faculty since the University employs Sheldon and Leonard.

The process is pretty easy but they come up with a problem they didn’t actually anticipate. It is the policy of the University to own 75% of the patent. The three guys are naturally taken aback by this revelation.

At first, they were imagining that swimming in their profits with the help of the patent. However, they sadly realize that they will end up splitting 25% share and it sounds devastating. Howard is especially panicky with the thought of a baby on its way. The three leave the office and start looking for a way in which they can apply for a patent on their own.

However, there is no way to get around the university and technically; Howard isn’t an employee of the school so he wouldn’t legally be a part of the patent anyways. Sheldon and Leonard will get the patent through the school and they don’t really have a choice but split their profit into three ways.

This development obviously leads to some funnier stuff with Sheldon, Leonard and Howard trading punch-lines that never turn nasty. Sheldon gets pretty excited about writing a contract and gets further excited when he has to include an addendum. Sheldon uses his signature font known as ‘Shelvetica’ and even Leonard agrees that its easy on the eyes and Howard is pretty excited about the whole thing.

In the end, the storyline works because it is low key charming. There are no out-of-character moments or any nasty barbs. Meanwhile, Bernadette shows up and expresses her hesitation regarding the partnership. She mentions that there is a chance for things to go off the rails but it doesn’t happen.

To Howard’s annoyance, she brings up some really valid points and Howard ends up agreeing to her flawless logic. This further leads to a suggestion from Penny saying that Sheldon can add in a clause which guarantees that he won’t bully Howard or further diminish his ideas. There is another touching moment when Sheldon reveals that he is diverting 25% of his profits to a scholarship fund for Howard and Bernadette’s baby.

This particular storyline is extremely sweet but it stands in major contrast with whatever that’s going on with Raj these days. It seems like The Big Bang Theory has no idea regarding how to handle Raj’s love life probably because it spent the first few years totally refusing to allow Raj to talk with any woman whatsoever.

His dilemma in the latest episode is deciding between going back to Emily after she leaves a Valentine’s Day Gift that she was going to give him, on the doorstep. Things are further complicated by two factors.