Longmire Season 5 To Start Filming in March, Donna Might Be Working with Walker, Episodes to Be Longer Than Before!

Longmire has a very interesting story. The show was first aired on the A&E network in 2012. It had a successful run for three seasons, but the network bosses still went ahead and cancelled the series because the advertising agencies weren’t happy with the demography of viewers that the show was attracting. The advertising agencies wanted a younger audience, but that wasn’t happening.

With A&E cancelling them, Longmire found a new lease of life with Netflix. Netflix bosses were moved by the dedication and vision of the showrunners and creators working behind Longmire and they agreed to run the series for its fourth season on their network.

Longmire Season 4 was an instant hit and it made sure that Netflix increased its viewer base as well. Netflix has gone record to say that what didn’t work for A&E worked like magic for them since numerous viewers subscribe for Netflix for the first time thanks to Longmire and they are not going to leave any time soon.

Longmire has become so popular that it is available on-demand for viewing not just in United States, but also in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Netflix bosses were so happy with Longmire Season 4 that they decided to renew the series for the fifth season.

Breathecast has reported that the season will be back on Netflix in September 2016 and Tony Host, the scriptwriter for Longmire is already working on the script for Season 5.

Since Longmire Season 5 will be aired on Netflix at a single go, the network is very secretive about the plot for the upcoming season. Unlike the television network, the episodes aren’t aired separately here. However, the official Longmire Season 5 page on Facebook has given some food for thought for the fans.

They page has uploaded a photo of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) and asked the viewers if they think that the two might have a relationship in the upcoming season. Season 4 had ended with Walt and Dr. Donna Monaghan (Ally Walker) have been getting involved romantically.

The novel depicts Vic and Walt getting romantically involved, but in the series, Vic is way younger than Walt and it looks like the casting was deliberately made to stay away from the romantic angle that the author of the series, Craig Johnson had created.

However, Parent Herald has reported that Donna might not be as she depicts herself to be. There are speculations that she is working with Walker(Callum Keith Rennie)against Walt Longmire. The season finale of Season 4 showed someone breaking into Walt Longmire’s house while Longmire and Donna are enjoying some time together.

The fans have come up with the speculations that suggest Walker and Donna are working together. Walker has always harbored a hatred for Longmire and he might be trying to seek revenge now.

It wouldn’t have been possible for Walker to find out the exact address of Longmire’s house from the hospital bed and there is a possibility that Donna might have furnished him with the information and has been distracting Longmire to keep his attention from Walker.

There are no official hints to suggest that this speculation is true. However, even if Donna happens to be a villain, this fact will be revealed to Longmire only in the finale of Season 5 since the upcoming season is likely to focus on his relationship with her.