Resident Evil 7 Will Return To Its Sheer Horror And Survival Roots, When Will It Finally Arrive? Let’s See

Ever since the announcement of Resident Evil 7 last October, there has been no substantial news regarding the upcoming game and nothing has been made public so far. However, the latest news indicates that Resident Evil 7 will release anytime soon in spite of earlier reports indicating that the game developer is experiencing a lot of difficulties in coming up with something new which can be offered to the gamers.

According to Yibada, if the rumors are to be believed, Resident Evil 7 could be released this year in E3 Expo. The website further noted that during an interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki Playstation via Siliconera, Masachika Kawata, the Resident Evil director ignited the excitement of fans by declaring that they have to prepare themselves for Resident Evil 7.

He further added tantalizingly “We’re currently not at a state to talk about it… but please stay tuned.” Kawata decided to talk about the various Resident Evil criticisms regarding heavy gunplay, insufficient setting and tension as compared to its predecessors.

Kawata said that he understands the gamers’ perception since there is a presence of many spin-off titles for the game. She further hinted that they might just produce titles which will introduce more horror to the franchise.

Meanwhile, some expert users along with Resident Evil fans expressed their interest regarding the franchise going back to its roots. That is when it featured sheer horror scenes with survival gameplay. Bitbag further observed that the Resident Evil movies have become rather popular and they have influenced Capcom to a certain extent.

One of the movie versions which influenced on Capcom was the kicking out of Raccoon city from the game. This was in fact, one of the favorite settings for gamers. If the present rumors are to be believed, it seems like fans and Capcom are thinking on the same length as Resident Evil 7 is predicted to return to Raccoon City.

Fans of the horror genre are pretty excited to find out what the upcoming Resident Evil game has in store for them. Most of the players of this series felt that the series fell short of expectations. Resident Evil 6 was reportedly criticized greatly online.

Fans clearly declared that the previous game focused more on gunplay compared to increased tension and setting. However, there were other installments which made the title popular among fans. Therefore, the latest batch of speculations indicates that the upcoming game will return to its horror roots instead of simply focusing on action.

Resident Evil 7 developers have been listening to fan feedback and they are ready to take up the challenge. Besides increased speculations, the developers remained tight-lipped about the details of this game.

The latest information was released from Siliconera and it issued some of the answers of the game producer Masachika Kawata during a Q&A forum for the 600th Dengeki PlayStation issue.

Regarding Resident Evil 7, the producer said that they are currently not in the state to talk about it and gamers need to stay tuned for further information.

Kawata further mentioned, “Since there have been more spinoff titles, I can see how it can be perceived in such a way. And of course I believe that we should produce titles that bring out the horror. I’m thinking about it and also preparing for it.”