News of Future Story Decor GTA 5 Leaked by GTA San Andreas Voice Actor, Online Version of the Game Likely to Receive Lowriders 2 Expansion Pack!

GTA 5 was released by Rockstar for PC, Xbox and PlayStation back in September 2013. The open world action-adventure game became an instant hit among gamers after its release. The latest reports surrounding the game suggest that Microsoft is currently offering a copy of GTA 5 for free with every new Xbox One console.

This particular bundle deal will get purchasers of the Xbox One console a Great White Cash Card alongside the game itself. The Great White Cash Card which originally has a price tag of $20 comes packed with $1.25 million worth of in-game currency.

This offer can currently be availed by consumers from the popular online retail site Amazon. Apart from GTA 5, Amazon is offering another game- Forza Horizon 2for free with the Xbox One console.

The free GTA 5 offer could also be availed by consumers by logging in to the Microsoft Store. The offer come to an end on March 19.

In other news, it was recently reported that the actor who lent his voice to the character of Carl Johnson of GTA San Andreas might have leaked the possibility of an upcoming story DLC for the GTA 5.

Carl Johnson was voiced by actor Young Maylay. Maylay recently posted a picture on his Instagram account which showed him standing side by side with Shawn Fonteno, the voice behind GTA 5’s Franklin.

That apart, the image also showed Maylay’s character Carl Johnson and Fonteno’s character Franklin side by side. The picture came with a caption which read- “#CJ #Franklin #GTA DLC? Shh!”

However, as soon as the picture started grabbing eyeballs, it was promptly removed by Maylay. He posted it again, but this time the caption which mentioned about the DLC was removed from it. This time around it was captioned with just a “Shh!”

It immediately sparked rumors about a DLC for the game and Maylay’s account was flooded with questions from fans who were eager to know more about the matter. They also asked him as to why he removed the mention about the DLC in the second post.

A rather bizarre theory that has been doing rounds on the internet suggest that Franklin is actually the son of San Andreas’ Carl Johnson. It also claimed that Franklin’s aunt was actually his mother.

Fans have already started speculating whether the developers would shed more light onto this matter in an upcoming DLC. The rumors regarding an upcoming DLC were firstsparked off when Shawn Fonteno posted a picture of himself in a mocap suit sitting in one of the offices of Rockstar.

However, before fans get excited over the possibility of an upcoming update, they should remember that the developers have teased about DLCs for the game in the past, but are yet to come up with anything,

Juts after a few months the game was released, Rockstar came forward with an announcement which stated that they were working on a story DLC for the game. They also claimed that this DLC would bring a number of additions to the game and will incorporate new missions in the Southern San Andreas area.

Last year during the month of April, yet again the developers promised new updates for the game. However, as can be seen, they have miserably failed to make good on their promises.

Ned Luke who voices the character Michael De Santa was enquired about future DLCs for the game. However, Luke replied to the question by stating that he had no idea regarding the matter.

In other news, rumors are floating around the internet that the Online version of GTA 5, that is GTA 5 Online will get another expansion pack in the near future. Rockstar has been quite generous when it comes to DLCs for GTA 5 Online.