News of Future Story Decor GTA 5 Leaked by GTA San Andreas Voice Actor, Online Version of the Game Likely to Receive Lowriders 2 Expansion Pack!

The company has released a number of DLCs for the game which include the likes of Lowriders, Be My Valentine, Friends in High Places, Executives and Other Criminals, etc. The latest batch of rumors claim that the developers might soon roll out another version of Lowriders DLC.

Apparently, it will add more Lowrider vehicles to the game. The new vehicles that the Lowriders II DLC will bring to game are- Sabre, Rat Loader, Virgo, Mini Van and Faction. It was previously confirmed by Rockstar that more Lowrider vehicles will be added to the game in future and fans are assuming that the second Lowriders DLC will be doing just that.

A list of player created jobs was recently published by Rockstar. The list included jobs for GTA 5 Online for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For PS4-

  • John Marston’s Revenge which has been touted as “A gritty Red Dead-inspired Team Deathmatch.” and
  • #AG-Liberator 4.0#- Which is basically a Liberator Race.

For Xbox One-

  • ADDER Addiction #1 thru #14- It is actually a job that involves racing through the entire Los Santos and
  • Adrenaline stunts 2- Which is a job involving wall riding.

Stay tuned for more update on GTA 5.