Longmire Season 5 To Start Filming in March, Donna Might Be Working with Walker, Episodes to Be Longer Than Before!

Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays the role of Henry Standing Bear had been arrested in the previous season. There are some photos that depict him out in the open and chasing a car and fans are hopeful that Henry will be able to prove his innocence and come out of the prison in the beginning of Longmire Season 5.

According to Carter Matt, Lou Diamond Phillips has revealed that the production for Longmire Season 5 will start on 23rd March. He has also stated that the location for the shoot will be New Mexico, where the previous seasons were also shot. Phillips is currently working on a play called Burning Desire and has assured fans that he will done right in time for Longmire Season 5.

There are some additional information about Longmire Season 5 that will excite the fans. The first is that the upcoming season will have episodes that will run for an extra 20 minutes.

This will make each of the episodes almost an hour long and allow the story to develop properly with no rushing. The other thing that has been revealed is that Longmire Season 5 is going to take off exactly from where the last season had ended.

For the fans who are interested to find out more about the upcoming season, the Longmire Convention is scheduled at Buffalo, Wyoming.

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