The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Explore Parker as a High School Student, Likely to Appear In Civil War, And More

The April Fool’s Day heralded a lot of hoax Spider-Man 3 news one of which was that Andrew Garfield is expected to reprise the role of the web-swinging superhero. This did create a buzz, but then it was revealed to be fake news.

Sony and Marvel are coming together to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 the biggest and best Spider-Man movie to date. The fact that Marvel and Sony are thinking of one day adding Spider-Man to the Avengers gives hopes to the superhero’s fans that he will get a makeover.

There was a lot of speculation on the supposed story for the film, given that the same story of Peter Parker becoming the superhero from a school nerd, but it’s been confirmed by the studios that the same time-tested plot will be used in the upcoming film.

Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, has said that this time round, Spider-Man will be played by Peter Parker and not his successor Miles Morales, as some reports had claimed.

Marvel is searching of a younger Peter Parker, which means that this time around 31-year-old British actor, Andrew Garfield will not be reprising the role of the superhero. Marvel Studio’s said that their search for a younger Peter Parker is because they would like to include him in other Phase 3 movies of the Marvel Cinematic University. He is likely to be included in both Captain America: Civil War and in the next Avengers.

Feige said that he is a big Spider-Man fan and this time around, they will explore that Peter Parker side of the plot, with special emphasis on his high school life. Spider-Man is only in high school, which makes him distinctly different from the other superheroes in the Marvel Universe, and this is what they want to explore this time around.